CEO Blog: A Historic Quarter for USSC

10 August 2017

Dear Shareholders and Friends,

It has been a historic quarter for us at U.S. Stem Cell Inc.! We achieved many milestones including expanding clinic operations, publishing research as well as sharing our knowledge and findings at world renowned conferences. We have been growing at a tremendous rate with progress in all financial indicators, including increases in revenue, margins and profits–all UP while our working capital deficit decreased. We surpassed projections by almost double and are on our way to exceeding last year’s total revenue, making this our best year in the company’s history.

Our clinic operations are thriving and we are thrilled to bring on more resources to improve the quality of life for more patients in need. We are now underway to be fully operational with US Stem Cell Clinics in Sunrise, West Palm Beach and Chicago—while we help our strategic partners, American Stem Cell Centers of Excellence, open their clinics in Miami, Dallas and Orlando. The simultaneous success of these clinics represents additional revenues for US Stem Cell, Inc.—which is part of the reason for our historic financial results.

During this past month, several academic papers by our CSO Kristin Comella were released, which can be accessed by clicking the links below. We support her active efforts in research and expansion of regenerative medicine.  See her published reports on:

Kristin is also a speaker at this summer’s RAAD Fest and Bulletproof Conference in California. She will also be speaking at IFATs in Miami this Fall.

Our financial progress indicates continued success and this historic year has been a remarkable achievement.

Below is a summary of U.S. Stem Cell Inc.’s most recent figures for Q2:

  • Revenue up by 104% year-over-year: from $678K in Q2 2016 to $1.38M in Q2 2017
  • Margin increased from 65% to 71% quarter-to-quarter
  • Gross profit up by $542K year-over-year for the quarter: from $442K in Q2 2016 to $1.79M in Q2 2017
  • Income from operations increased YTD from a loss of ($272K) in Q2 2016 to a gain of $100K in Q2 2017, a six-month comparison
  • Cash Flow is positive YTD at $785K compared to $165K this time last year, a six-month comparison
  • Working Capital Deficit down 6.9% from $5.8M in Q2 2016 to $5.4M in Q2 2017

As a final note, we would like to extend our congratulations to Jason Taylor, a longtime shareholder and an avid supporter of our company, for being enshrined into the NFL’s 2017 Hall of Fame.

The support of our partners and helping our patients is what continues to drive us to excellence. We are committed to expanding regenerative medicine further with research, technology and treatment options for more patients around the world. Our innovative therapies and products are improving lives and continuously advancing medical research.

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Warmest Regards,

Mike Tomas
President & CEO
US Stem Cell, Inc.