USRM Chief Science Officer to Present at Academy of Regenerative Practices Conference

SUNRISE, FL – February 28, 2018 – U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. (OTC: USRM), a leader in the development of proprietary, physician-based stem cell therapies and novel regenerative medicine solutions, announces our participation in this year’s fourth annual Academy of Regenerative Practices’ Conference, which kicks off tomorrow and continues through March 2 & 3 at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, Florida.

The Conference, which hosts some of the world’s leading regenerative scientists, health and medical professionals — including USRM’s Chief Science Officer & ARP President Dr. Kristin Comella — will feature more than 29 speakers including  Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe & Ben Greenfield.

The annual event also provides doctors and physicians the opportunity to receive hands-on, accredited, continuing education training in performing stem cell procedures.  Doctors are able to gain the ability to augment their practice with this cutting-edge, regenerative therapy — a process that is becoming increasingly in demand amongst the patient population in the United States suffering from neurological, autoimmune, orthopedic and degenerative conditions.

Dr. Comella will be presenting a summary of peer-reviewed publications using a stem cell procedure called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), on Saturday, March 4, at 8:40 a.m.  She is well published in the scientific literature through her work at USRM on the application of stem cells and regenerative therapy, including integrating stem cells to improve knee function in cartilage damaged by osteoarthritis; a phase I clinical trial for the use of autologous stem cells in the treatment of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; intraglandular injection of stem cells for the treatment of irradiation-induced gland damage post cancer, and the effects of the use of stem cells in patients with chronic ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Dr. Comella, who has more than 20+ years’ experience, is recognized worldwide by her peers as an innovator and world leader in the development and clinical practice of stem cell products and therapies.  She has also been instrumental in developing and bringing to market USRM’s proprietary AdipocellTM product, a stem cell kit which enables physicians to separate potent stem cells from a patient’s own fat, a naturally occurring tissue in the body which happens to contain a robust supply of stem cells.  Once harvested, through a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that is performed while the patient is comfortable but fully awake, the stem cells are then re-injected intravenously or applied directly to a damaged tissue or gland for a more targeted application.  

In January, the Company announced AdipocellTM reached sales of 10,000+ kits worldwide.

“It’s always such a pleasure to gather with this rapidly expanding community of scientific experts to connect and collaborate,” said Dr. Kristin Comella, USRM’s Chief Science Officer and President of the Academy of Regenerative Practices.  “This is an incredible time for regenerative medicine, and connecting with my colleagues in the scientific community who are passionate about it is always such a treat.  I look forward to another successful conference with my colleagues from around the world.”

Autologous stem cell treatments harvested from the patient’s own fat can provide healthier alternatives to the use of pharmaceuticals for treating chronic pain and degeneration.  Chronic pain has been the source of a national opioid epidemic which The New York Times reported in October is the leading cause of death for Americans under 50.

USRM has been involved in more than 10,000 stem cell procedures in the past 19 years for a variety of indications including orthopedic, autoimmune, degenerative and neurological diseases.  USRM also trains and certifies physicians in stem cell therapy — to date, more than 700+ physicians worldwide — and has engaged with more than 287 clinics.  

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. is an emerging leader in the regenerative medicine / cellular therapy industry specializing in physician training and certification and stem cell products including its lead product AdipocellTM, as well as veterinary stem cell training and stem cell banking and creation and management of stem cell clinics.  To management’s knowledge, USRM has completed more clinical treatments than any other stem cell company in the world.

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